Is it Possible to lay Vinyl Floor without using Adhesive?

Choosing the right vinyl flooring to any of your interior design projects is not just about the aesthetics but also the installation process. After all, the look and feel of the floor will mostly depend on its installation. Even its durability is highly reliant on the application of the vinyl to the flooring.

The question arises now – is it possible to lay vinyl floor without using adhesive? The answer is yes, and this is through the click-locking system of vinyl flooring in Singapore nowadays.

Most laminate floor in Singapore can be installed using adhesive. However, now, there is another approach which does not require glueing down but has the same set of benefits. Before, commercial spaces use adhesive for their vinyl flooring needs because of the heavy foot traffic. Nowadays, it is becoming a popular choice not only for residential but for commercials spaces too, especially for luxury vinyl flooring installation.

The system such as click-locking is a modern approach to installing vinyl floors for homes and commercial establishments. This system uses no adhesive for installation to establish resilient flooring. Vinyl flooring has gained its popularity because of its waterproof flooring feature. Meaning, installing vinyl without using adhesive gives a longer life to the floor. Also, this system is a systematic approach of installing vinyl flooring which means there is a lesser chance for it to be easily damaged.

When it comes to maintenance, there is no difference between using adhesive or not. Whether expensive or affordable flooring in Singapore, you can clean it traditionally as long as you refer to the manufacturer’s manual on how to maintain its quality.

he Floors Emporium offers different types of flooring in Singapore depending on the requirements and requests given by our customers. We provide flooring materials as well as guidance in the proper installation and maintenance of our products.

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