5 Properties of Vinyl Flooring that Every Home Needs!

#1 Slip Resistant

Whether it is for a home with kids or elderly parents, a floor with high slip resistance ensures that there is a lower chance of falling incidents at home. This promotes a higher safety level and gives you peace of mind. It is essential if you are doing mopping at home!

#2 Chemical Resistance

Indeed, a low-maintenance floor is what we need these days, given our busy schedule. So having a vinyl floor is helpful as it can withstand common household chemicals such as ammonia, coffee, ketchup and wine. 

This means you can install vinyl flooring in your kitchen and get the wood-like flooring you love that comes with a robust stain-resistant property. It’s indeed the best of both worlds. 

#3 Waterproof

We have probably experienced “popping” up of flooring or even swelling incidents seen in laminate and parquet flooring. As vinyl flooring does not contain any wood content, they are waterproof and save you the trouble of water damage. 

So you can mop your floor without the worry of any water damage! It’s simply low maintenance!

#4 Aesthetically Beautiful

Yes, now you can be the designer of your house with the vast array of designs available. The visual designs are enormous. With high-quality, realistic digital print, you can have vinyl flooring with a stone, marble and wood visual look. 

To top up, go for the Herringbone design with its unique click system and save cost compared to parquet flooring.

This means more versatility in shaping your interior theme. 

#5 Low Maintenance

This is the most attractive benefit of vinyl flooring for modern living. Given its multiple characteristics, it requires little effort to maintain the floor. A simple mop is all you need to increase the longevity of the flooring. 

It is not sophisticated, just a simple cleaning routine since it is waterproof and highly resistant to stains. 

With this knowledge, you can begin your floor makeover journey with SG Safe Vinyl Floor for your home!

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