Safe-proof your home for indoor family activities with vinyl All- Performance Floor (APF)

Our home is the safest place. Some even say home is their refuge – a place where they can loosen up and feel comfortable. However, the risk is always there. Falling, stripping, and other accidental floor injuries may happen inside our homes. The good news is, there are ways to keep each flooring in Singapore safe for every family member.

As the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry.” Flooring is one of the largest space that needs to be safe-proof, especially if there are children who love to do indoor activities and one of the best things to do it is choosing the right flooring material for your abode.

Keeping loose rugs on the floor is, of course, not a good idea because it can cause an accident. On another hand, using vinyl flooring in Singapore is a more ideal solution. The Floor Emporium offers Metroflor which is an all-performance waterproof vinyl flooring. Spills in the kitchen always present but since of its water resiliency, no need to worry. Not only that it can prevent unforeseen mishaps, but it also has the look of a luxury vinyl flooring perfect to make any home stylish.

Indoor activities should be enjoyable and far from injuries that the wrong choice of flooring might bring. With Metroflor’s features, our homes will be assured that it has a resilient floor. Most of all, it is an affordable flooring in Singapore when compared with other laminate floors available in the market so it will not harm your pocket that much.

One can never go wrong with Metroflor Engage Essentials as it has the characteristics of a safe flooring that we wish to have for our homes. We, at The Floors Emporium, made sure to offer durable flooring in Singapore so it can last for years and each home can be even safer than it is now.