Should you be concerned about formaldehyde in your flooring?

Our homes, aside from being our physical shelter, should be a safe place away from any harm and health issues. Recently, reports about formaldehyde in the flooring in Singapore worried a lot of homeowners since it concerns health risks. In this article, we will provide information for you to know if you should or should be concerned about formaldehyde in your flooring at home.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas used as a preservative in various products which include plywood, particleboard, adhesives, paint, fabric, vinyl flooring, wallpaper, and many others. It is the strong-smelling, pickle-like smell used in manufacturing those products which are commonly used in our households daily.

Why is it important to know about formaldehyde in your flooring?

While having waterproof flooring is one of the main concerns in choosing your flooring material, it is also important to know if the chemicals present in it can harm you. In this case, although formaldehyde is a natural chemical, it does not represent safety. On the other hand, it does also mean it is dangerous. There are more factors that to consider, especially if we are talking about the laminate floor in Singapore. Formaldehyde exposure can cause a negative effect in our body depending on the levels of exposure and the chemical content used in a certain product. There are formaldehyde emission standards set by the authority to regulate the chemical content in the products where formaldehyde is present. Make sure that your vinyl flooring in Singapore complies with these standards.

What should I do to lower the formaldehyde levels at home?

Health experts say that luxury vinyl flooring can make our home look stylish, it is important to know what is in it as well as the exposure hazards present with it. We all aim for a resilient floor but before buying, check first if it passed the quality standards set for laminate floorings, especially its formaldehyde content. Also, always remember that homes with smokers have higher levels of formaldehyde. Since it is a type of chemical that can “gas-off” over time, laminate floors installed years back is no longer a threat. Make sure that your home is always well-ventilated to lessen the harm that it may cause to your health.

There are many affordable floorings in Singapore so it is important to know if the products we are buying will be worth it. We, at The Floors Emporium, guarantees that our products have passed the standards set for our laminate and vinyl floorings.