6 Ways to Take Care of Your Vinyl Flooring

Congratulation on receiving your newly installed vinyl flooring. As you marvel at how a change in flooring can transform the interior vibe of the living space, it is equally essential to take care of them and extend their life span.

With the growing popularity of vinyl flooring, we would like to share some tips for the care and maintenance of your marvellous-looking floor.

So, let’s dive into the details.

#1 Clean your spills immediately
Given the resiliency of vinyl flooring, spills are usually easy to clean up. So do that the soonest. Allowing your spill to rest on the floor surface could result in stubborn stains. Discolouration sometimes occurs due to prolonged falls resting on the floor planks.

#2 Non-Rubber protective mats are your friend
The little sand and grit can damage your floor. So having mats in front of the doors can prevent them from entering your main floor area. After all, you want to avoid the gritty sand from scratching your vinyl floor.

#3 Floor protectors are essential
Applying them on your future legs and even chairs can prevent the flooring from scratching and scuffing from taking place. If you use a swivel-type office chair, apply some non-staining flat casters. A little effort will save you the future trouble of floor damage.

#4 Dust and Mop twice a week is sufficient
A splendid-looking vinyl floor requires little effort. Simply dust mops them or vacuums your floor twice a week. You can clean more often in areas of high traffic.

#5  Trim your pets’ nails regularly
Indeed, for our furry friends at home, you can often trim their nails so they do not scratch your floors. An area rug can protect your floor from getting damaged!

#6 No harsh cleaning agent
We know how tempting it is to use the most potent cleaning agent in the market to clean vinyl planks thoroughly. However, doing so damages the important protective layer on the vinyl floor.

Avoid powdered cleaners and oil soaps. Use a gentle floor cleaner in the market to keep your vinyl floor youthful.

While the list of floor care tips can be exhaustive, with these 6 core tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your vinyl flooring. Little maintenance effort and more time to spend with your family is what our SG Safe Vinyl can help you with your home living lifestyle!

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