Kitchen Ideas for Every Home

Does the idea of renovating your kitchen excite you? Starting from scratch can be daunting, but with careful consideration, it could lead to fantastic imagination. 

So, let’s dive into some design ideas!

#Now you see, Now you don’t

A prominent trend these days is to hide your appliances in cabinetry. Using panels to conceal them can evoke a streamlined, sleek look. 

The benefit is getting ample new spaces and a less cluttered look. It liven up your cooking experience!

#Combine diverse materials

Imagine having wood cabinetry with some marble countertops. Otherwise, consider having a reclaimed wood island paired with stainless steel appliances. 

The contrasting play of materials is a delicious way to uplift the visual interest and jazz in your kitchen. Never a dull moment is what you can achieve when you make each step into the kitchen. 

# Bye cabinets, Hello shelves!

Yes, throw away the idea of enclosed cabinetry and cheers to open shelves. The bold choice presses your personality at the core of the kitchen design as you usher in an airy and open feel. 

If kitchen cabinetry is still a choice, consider a couple of floating shelves to achieve the same mellow touch to an otherwise solid and rigid texture to the kitchen. 

# Zen, Zen, Zen in a Minimalist Way

The harmonious collection of mellow shades of brown and white has been a popular feature of Japanese Zen design. It is the art of pragmatic simplicity without an overdose of loud features. 

Consider built-in storage to store your pots and pans to free up your countertop space. There’s no better way to add a soft touch than some tiny pot of plants. 

# Wood flooring for a cosy and warm vibe

Most homeowners love having wood flooring in their homes but discard the idea due to water damage worry. With SG Safe Vinyl Flooring, the concern is gone. Its waterproof features and high stain resistance property make it a perfect flooring choice even with heavy cooking. 

Since it could be a place where oil and water spillage can happen more frequently, the high slip resistance property of vinyl flooring can also mitigate the likelihood of incidents. 

Now that you have these kitchen design tips, planning your kitchen makeover can be a breeze!

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