4 Design Ideas with Wood Tone Floorings

Wood tone floorings have changed throughout the years. Most flooring in Singapore with wood tones became very popular, mainly because homeowners can now easily search for different designs and styles online. Wood tones create a more natural feel in any space, making it look comfortable and inviting. There are many design ideas that you can do using wood tone vinyl flooring, and we have listed some of the popular ones.

1. Fumed wood design for a luxurious look

Fumed wood flooring has a dark, more vibrant colour. This is mostly used for luxury vinyl flooring because dark tones define elegance. Vinyl flooring in Singapore with this type of design creates a statement that catches the eyes of everyone. Dark flooring is always in fashion, and it displays classic but high-end appearance.

2. Natural wood design for a simple appearance

Simplicity is what many homeowners want for their flooring. There is this significant trend for a natural looking laminate floor in Singapore nowadays. Natural wood design offers a softer colour scheme that creates an airy feel as seen in most Scandinavian designs.

3. Patterned wood design for a unique twist

Aside from having a resilient floor, homeowners are now becoming adventurous in choosing flooring materials for their homes. This is the reason why the very familiar and basic flooring design has now evolved into patterned wood layouts. It gives a new look, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

4. Monochrome wood design for a modern feel

Contemporary is what monochrome wood design of laminate floor in Singapore is all about. Colours such as black, white and grey radiate modern feel at home. It is common to minimalist homes as it gives warmth and complete comfort.

More than the waterproof flooring that gives ease in cleaning, different wood tone flooring is excellent in creating different designs that you want for your home. We, at The Floors Emporium, we provide exceptional vinyl flooring materials that can help you achieve the style you want for your home.