5 Reasons why you must visit The Floors Emporium’s newest gallery

Choosing the right flooring in Singapore to be used either for your home or your business establishment can be challenging when you are simply looking inside a catalogue. Of course, it is better if you can see photos online but if you have time and want to see these materials with your own eyes before finalizing your decision, it is always a good choice to go to a gallery or a showroom. This is just one of the reasons why you may consider paying a visit to The Floors Emporium’s newest gallery. And if this reason does not convince you enough, here are five more reasons to go:

1. To see a wide range of indoor and outdoor flooring – Whether it is luxury vinyl flooring– like, waterproof flooring, or laminate floor in Singapore, you would like to see a wide range of it in our gallery. From different colours, sizes, textures, and features, you can see it and choose intricately if you personally see it.

2. To know broader product offering to other lifestyle products – More than our main vinyl flooring products, you may be able to see a broader selection of our products offering since we have added other lifestyle products such as digital door locks, sinks and taps, dining sets and a lot more. You might be able to find matching products to your chosen flooring or discover unique pieces.

3. To be able to feel and touch our products – Choosing a resilient floor is not that easy if you cannot touch it. It is better if you can gauge what it feels like beneath your feet. We offer affordable flooring in Singapore to which you can touch and see the colour and texture directly in our gallery. It is also helpful to test the floors first before committing and buying.

4. To learn additional specifics – All vinyl flooring in Singapore and other products have their own pros and cons. Going to a gallery can be beneficial since you can talk to someone who is knowledgeable about the product. They will walk you through its strengths as well as its weaknesses and you may even ask questions about the product.

5. To get efficient pieces in a convenient and accessible location – Located at the east of Singapore, our showroom is definitely easy to be accessed. Imagine finding timeless, affordable flooring materials and other products for your home in a place that is not too far from where your home is. How stress-free is that?

The Floors Emporium’s new gallery is located at 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #02-02 T- Space, Singapore 528559. This is just opposite IKEA and Giant Hypermarket – Tampines. We always look forward to giving our customers the easiest possible way to make their home a warm and welcoming one through our products. Our new showroom is just one of our many ways.

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