SPC Prestige Flooring of The Floors Emporium is an excellent alternative to the traditional laminate flooring because of its 100% waterproof flooring feature. It is made of high-quality materials that can match the popular resilient floors in the market. Made extraordinary, this affordable flooring in Singapore also has the following characteristics:

  • Overlay Installation – SPC Prestige Flooring can be installed by simply overlaying it over the current flooring material. Whether ceramic tile, timber, wood or even luxury vinyl flooring, simply install it over the hardest surface to achieve the desired look.

  • Residential and Commercial Warranty – The Floors Emporium provides 25-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty for this type of flooring. It can also last a lifetime if properly used.

  • Highly Slip-Resistant – SPC Prestige Flooring has been certified with DIN51130 standard for slip resistance. Because this resilient floor has hardwearing embossed surface, accidents caused by slipping are greatly reduced.

  • Fire-Resistant – It is made of superior materials and has Bf1-S1 for BS EN13501 Standard for flammability and ISO 9239-1 certification making this type of vinyl floor in Singapore fire safe, whether for residential and commercial use.

  • Environment-Friendly – Vinyl floorings in Singapore that are environment-friendly are gaining popularity nowadays. This is why SPC Prestige Flooring is crafted from virgin vinyl and other recyclable materials using green technology and production methods.

  • Termite-Free – It is not possible for termites, dust mites or any wood worms to live and breed in this type of flooring because unlike other flooring in Singapore, SPC Prestige Flooring is not constructed from wood.

  • High Durability – SPC Prestige Flooring has high thick commercial grade wear layer that makes it more durable. With proper use, both residential and commercial, it can last longer than the usual number of years of flooring.

  • Elegant Design – Aside from its affordability, SPC Prestige Flooring also comes in various elegant designs that can match your desired look for your home.

With simple angle, slide and installation, SPC Prestige Flooring is definitely a tough choice for your flooring needs.