Absolute SPC Hardrock Vinyl Floor is one of the newest addition in the flooring market. It prides itself as the thickest but most affordable SPC waterproof vinyl flooring in the world. This luxury vinyl flooring also features the following:

  • Structure – The main component of this vinyl flooring is limestone (calcium carbonate), PVC powder and stabilizer that makes it look elegant while maintaining its durability.

  • Eco-Friendly – Absolute SPC Hardrock Vinyl Floor uses 100% environment-friendly materials. Its raw material is made of high-quality PVC resin which is non-toxic and recyclable. It also does not contain harmful materials that can harm the environment.

  • Waterproof and Damp Proof – The growth of mould will never be a problem since it is a vinyl resin which performs well with water.

  • Anti-slip Property – Its special skid and wear-resistant properties makes its quality better than any affordable flooring in Singapore. It has a higher level of friction when it is wet, giving it the anti-slip feature.

  • Scratch-Resistant – Absolute SPC Hardrock Vinyl Flooring has a transparent wear-resisting layer with high-grade anti-abrasion property which is capable of sustaining a 10,000 cycle wear-resistance test.

  • Bacteria-Free – This type of flooring has both the special anti-bacterial and anti-fouling properties to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Fire-Resistant – It is graded Bf1 for fire rating because of its flame retardant and non-spontaneous combustion properties. A fire on its surface will last not more than 5 seconds and does not produce toxic or harmful gases.

  • Sound Absorption and Noise Reduction - Absolute SPC Hardrock Vinyl Flooring is perfect for use in places that need specific auditory level such as libraries, hospital wards, auditoriums, cinemas. It can absorb up to 20-decibel levels of sound which is higher than any other brands of affordable flooring in Singapore.

Absolute SPC Hardrock Vinyl Flooring also comes in various colours and designs for diverse interior themes.