Metroflor Vinyl Flooring: What is Superior About it?

Metroflor vinyl flooring what is superior about it   the floors emporium

Metroflor Engage Essentials is now one of the most popular and luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore. Apart from its excellent waterproof flooring materials, it offers elegant decorative patterns that precede other types of vinyl flooring in Singapore. Apart from its outer looks, what really makes Metroflor Engage Essentials superior is the totality of its features such as the following:

Resilient edges - Metroflor Engage Essentials is made of tough resilient floor materials including micro-bead edges that give the flooring a more realistic look while maintaining its durability. Its composition has been carefully studied as well as the selection of its layer.

Elegant design – This type of vinyl flooring in Singapore surpasses the look of other types of laminate floor in Singapore for its realistic appearance. The design also goes beyond physical appearance to provide practicality.

Revolutionary Ceramic Bead Overlay – The elegant design of Metroflor Engage Essentials is supported with the revolutionary ceramic bead overlay that adds protection to the decorative surfaces of the vinyl flooring. It ensures that the attractive layer will not be easily damaged.

Affordability – Metroflor Engage Essentials is a superlative flooring in Singapore. However, this vinyl flooring is affordable and pocket-friendly for most people. It possesses the functionality of high-end vinyl flooring but comes with the price of affordable flooring in Singapore.

Easy to maintain - Metroflor Engage Essentials does not require extensive maintenance job. Usual and regular cleaning is enough to keep it clean and sparkle. It performs a superior job yet is very easy to maintain.

Metroflor Engage Essentials is exactly what it sounds when it comes to elegance and resiliency. We, at The Floors Emporium, will continue to introduce high-quality products and timeless beauty to every home in Singapore.

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