Journey to an Awesome Outdoor Space

Journey to an awesome outdoor space   the floors emporium

Regardless of whether you have a balcony or a backyard in your house, an outdoor space can add value to your property. An alfresco area can be used as a space for entertaining your guest. For an enhanced restful break, it is a corner where you can indulge in the respite and relaxation of what outdoors offers. Bask in the sun and feel the warmth of nature is simple with these little tips.

1. Greenery is your best friend

You can never go wrong with some doses of greenery. Soften the harsh concrete structure of your balcony or backyard with pots of plants. This helps to induce colour and depth to the area. Boundaries allocation can be achieved by arranging your plants too. For space saving tip, consider hanging planters.

2. Shop for your outdoor furniture and accessories

With constant exposure to environmental elements, choose weather-resistant furnitures such as rattan chairs or resin-plastic furniture for added durability. Paint spray furniture can exude an upscale mood and feel to the furniture. Always consider the theme of your design. For back to the basic design idea, a natural and rustic mood is most appropriate with a sprinkle of accessories such as a birdhouse or watering cans. 

3. Illuminate it up

The sunset can bring boundless imaginative opportunity to your balcony and patio. Transform the area with night-light that can run beneath your deck. Immense in festive seasons with mood lighting that accentuates the corner calm and uplifting mood.

4. Durable outdoor decking material

A suitable flooring material for your outdoor space is critical in ensuring longevity to the usage of the corner. evoDECK is made using eco-friendly recycled material with a care for the environment. Capsulated with a polymer guard, it provides a high level of protection against stains from daily food such as wine, coffee and soy sauce. This makes cleaning an easy routine to meet your lifestyle needs.

Comfort should be the top priority in designing the area. Build some level of shade if there is intense sunlight that is too glaring for a restful break. Revel the benefits that come with your outdoor nest today!

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