From tired to inspired: Effortless Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

From tired to inspired effortless kitchen wall decorating ideas    the floors emporium

The kitchen is the busiest part of any home. This is where preparing dishes to cleaning all the utensils and cookware happens. It is the part of the house that can be tiring to look at. Fortunately, cooking can be transformed from tiring to inspiring by simply updating its wall decoration experience.

Because we tend to look at things on the eye level first, one of the most noticeable changes to re-design the kitchen look is to change the walls. A boring wall is a no-no in any kitchen, especially if you love to cook or bake or both. If you do not have much time to update your kitchen wall decoration, we’ve got some effortless decorating ideas.

  1. Have a statement wall
    A visitor often notices a particular wall in any part of the home. To know which wall should be your statement wall, try to look at your kitchen the way a visitor would look the first time he or she visits your home. The first wall you will notice becomes your focal wall. In creating a statement wall, it can be either the wall with a bolder colour as compared to other walls or have a huge piece of art painted on it. You can also make it like the luxury walls in hotels by using textured or patterned wallpaper. Make sure this wall is unique since the main goal is to make it noticeable.

  2. Play with colours
    The fastest and simplest way to update any space is by changing its wall colour. Grab the paint swatches of the shades you would love to be your kitchen wall colour and choose 3 main shades. Make sure to choose the colours that match those existing colours that cannot be changed such as the countertops and another tiled area. Play with your chosen colours and make sure to pick one palette that can make your kitchen unique. It is often that colour that surprisingly complements the other shades you have chosen. You may also use luxury vinyl tile with the colour that perfectly suits your chosen palette. Vinyl tiles not only add different colour but also texture to the wall.

  3. Keep up with the latest trend – the open shelving
    One of the latest trends in the interior design industry, aside from using wall tiles like evoWALLS, is the open shelving. Layering and creating an open-shelving is the freshest style of the kitchen today. It lightens up the look of the kitchen by creating visual space on the upper part of the space. Also, add some matching and colour coordinated decor pieces displayed in between the open shelves for a more magazine-looking kitchen.

There is no absolute rule in decorating a kitchen wall. What is important is that you make it more personal as it can be. Choose the colour, pattern, texture and design that you want because, at the end of the day, you will be the one to gain inspiration out of your kitchen.

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