Decipher the Formula of Metroflor Vinyl Flooring – American Made

Decipher the formula of metroflor vinyl flooring

Metroflor Engage Essentials delivers excellence to different flooring in Singapore. It has a wide range of on-trend colours and textures while it provides a high quality of flooring to both residential and commercial areas. In this article, we will discuss the formula on why this resilient floor is an ideal choice.


Looks + Texture – Metroflor is an American-made type of flooring with natural wood beauty. It possesses an authentic look because each design features micro-bevelled edges for a more realistic, multiple surface texture. This laminate floor in Singapore was made with high definition visuals and excellent surface texture, creating a more natural appearance same as real hardwood floors.


Versatility + Durability – This vinyl flooring is best in abrasion protection. It has this unique quality of being superior in stain repellency which makes cleaning easier. Metroflor is ideal flooring for establishments that have high foot traffic since it has a transparent wear layer that provides excellent durability against scuffs and abrasion.


Waterproof + Odour-free – Metroflor vinyl flooring has integrated ultra-fresh feature, making it a perfect choice for areas prone to mould and mildew. It inhibits bacterial growth due to moist which eliminates foul odour and stains. This 100% waterproof flooring makes an ultimate choice for basements, kitchen and even bathroom where water spills are everywhere.


Affordability + Low Maintenance – Though made in America, Metroflor is known to have the qualities of luxury vinyl flooring but the price of affordable flooring in Singapore. It is also popular because of its easy maintenance wherein; there is no waxing or surface treatment required. To maintain its allure, it only needs simple sweeping and dust mop.


Warranty + Technology – Metroflor is a vinyl flooring in Singapore has a unique locking system for smooth, glueless floating installation. It is a superior locking technology that creates a tight fit during the installation process. It can last for years, but in case of any shortcoming, it comes with warranty both for its waterproof feature and essentials.


Metroflor vinyl flooring, an American-made flooring, was created to provide tough flooring for different types of home and commercial areas. The Floors Emporium can help our customers determine which floor matches their requirements. For a robust and sturdy flooring, we recommend Metroflor vinyl flooring.

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