Debunk 4 Common Myths of Vinyl Flooring

Debunk 4 common myths of vinyl flooring   the floors emporium

Whether you are a buying a new house or staying in an existing home, it is hard not to take notice of your floor condition. After all, other than the walls, the floors make up a large component of the home surface. As a home-proud owner, having the right floor with a versatile interior makes sense.

With the growing hype on vinyl flooring, you might be bombarded with conflicting claims on the material. Let us debunk four common myths of vinyl flooring.

#Myth 1: Do not use vinyl flooring in kitchen

While vinyl flooring such as Tough Resilient Flooring (TRF) has the appearance and textural feel of wood grains, it is 100% waterproof. Therefore, you can enjoy the ease of maintenance of having Tough Resilient Flooring in your kitchen. A simple mop is all you need to ensure the durability of the floor. Let the floor take care of any kitchen mess.

#Myth 2: Vinyl flooring is harmful to the environment

The myth arises due to the prevalence of conventional vinyl flooring that is made from recycled rubber. The possible content of heavy metal means that once disposed to the environment, pollution can occur. On the contrary, Tough Resilient Flooring is made from 100% pure virgin vinyl, giving your home a safe and durable floor with a peace of mind. Moreover, after its lifespan, the material can be recycled.

#Myth 3: Vinyl flooring design is boring

Perhaps many of us are caught in the stereotype of vinyl flooring used in many hospitals. With the latest technological improvement, vinyl flooring can resemble nearly all floor design patterns. After all, the appearance of the flooring is simulated through the decorative design paper design. Hence, you will be able to find vinyl flooring that simulates the look of floor tiles and even natural wood flooring design. What’s more, at The Floors Emporium, you can achieve herringbone design with our latest collection.

#Myth 4: Installing vinyl flooring is a tedious process

Contrary to conventional belief, vinyl flooring can be a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product. An example is Tough Resilient Flooring (TRF) that is a clickable vinyl flooring product that can be DIY. Of course, with our hectic work schedule, you may engage our professional certified installation service. A typical 3 bedrooms can finish within the same day. Take away the dust, mess and noise pollution. All you get a sleek installation process at the comfort of a call away!

We hope this post can better clarify your doubts on vinyl flooring. Transformation of your home flooring can be a breeze with a peace of mind.

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