Choose the Best Flooring Colours with Feng Shui

Choose the best flooring colours with feng shui   the floors emporium

The key concept of Feng Shui is establishing positive energy in your home so as to attract harmony and balance within it. According to Feng Shui, flooring of any home or office, being one of its main foundations, plays an important part in creating a “nourishing cycle” in it. Aside from providing the house with an attractive visual impression, flooring is where you walk upon daily.


Colour act as a very powerful tool in feng shui and so is in designing any flooring in Singapore. If you are thinking about how to translate it into your flooring, this feng shui colour guide can help you in choosing the best flooring:


1. Know the key elements of feng shui – Choosing the right flooring can do an excellent job in guiding the positive energy to flow throughout your home or office. Since the easiest way to bring in good energy in any space is by using colour, this is where Feng Shui's key elements come in: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. These elements are represented by specific colours:

 Earth light yellow, sandy or earthy, and light brown

            Fire – red, dark yellow, orange, purple, and pink

            Metal – white and grey

            Water – blue and black

            Wood – green and brown


2. Choose the energy you need into your space – Obviously, if you are looking into feng shui to know what colour you will use for your flooring, aside from looking for a resilient floor, you also need to compliment it with the energy you want to have.  Here is the translation of each element:

            Earth – nourishment, good health, and stability

            Fire – passion, romance, successful career, and high energy

            Metal – sharpness, efficiency, clarity, and preciseness

            Water – ease, calmness, purity, and abundance

            Wood – growth, vitality, and vibrant health


3. Match with the material of your flooring – As much as possible, the type of flooring material, as well as the safety, should be the main priority when deciding what to use. There are various types of flooring such as tiles, carpets, vinyl flooring, wood, and others. When it comes to feng shui, natural hues are good for flooring needs. You can use materials with earthly or natural types and colours for your home or in the office.


Another thing to avoid is adding carpet to the kitchen or bathroom because it draws out the positive energy in the area. Most households in Singapore uses waterproof flooring in the kitchen not just to avoid bad “chi” bus also to get rid of any accident that may occur in the area. Another is using tiles in the bedroom because it represents coldness which is not good, especially in the room of couples. Vinyl flooring in Singapore has plenty of options to choose from. Using it can provide you warmth while maintaining the good feng shui if you select naturally-coloured ones.

The idea of feng shui, when translated into flooring is very simple. It is to create and attract positivity to any space. Flooring, being the foundation, should not only look good like luxury vinyl floorings. It should also promote safety, security, and harmony, especially to those established homes and spaces. At The Floors Emporium, we offer affordable flooring in Singapore that has numerous colours and designs appropriate in stimulating good feng shui for your home.

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