Tiles Popping Up: Reasons and Solutions

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Recent events of tiles popping up in various areas of Singapore left many new homeowners in fear of such unexpected events. Why are tiles popping?

Quality of building materials has a part to play

Tiles of lower grading may suffer from thermal expansion and contraction. The cement used may not have sufficient adhesive strength to bond with tiles, which causes it to dislodge from its position. When the weather suddenly gets chilly or humid, the situation will get worse. As we still remember those endless rainy days last month, cases of tiles popping out occurred more frequently.

Insufficient expansion and contraction gaps

During daytime, temperature rises and this makes tiles expand. During the night, as temperature drops, tiles will shrink. These gaps allow the tiles to release stress during thermal expansions. If the gaps are not consistent, during the expansion phase, the tiles will not have enough space to release stress, which results in tiles popping out.

Repairing damage tiles

If the affected area is isolated and the rest of the area does not show signs of hollowness or popping, repairing the isolated area standalone is possible. However, do take note that purchasing of a 10 or 15-year-old tile design might prove to be challenging. If you managed to find it, remember that tiles are manufactured in batches. There will be some colour tonality differences from the tiles that are in your home.

What about tiles popping in various locations?

Our advice to you is that you should strongly consider hacking of the entire area and start afresh. Usually, such cases tend to become worst. The popping of tiles may have already affected other areas of your home without showing visible damages.

Are you facing the same issues? Feel free to contact us for a free and no-obligation site inspection and advice. Our flooring specialists will help you kick this problem once and for all!

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