5 Ways to Childproof your Home

5 ways to childproof your home   the floors emporium

Finally, you have attained your dream home. Then, you welcome your first child and the interior of your home is fraught with dangers for your child. Before making sweeping changes to your furniture and space layout, take stock of these pointers to create a safe environment for your family.

  1. Ensure furniture does not topple - The last thing you would wish for is creating an environment where children can climb onto the furniture. Place stools and ladders in your storeroom or away from the play area. For furniture that is easily toppled over, fixed them to your wall securely. Such furniture includes bookshelves, the television and picture frames.

  2. Conceal high-risk area - Every child has a strong sense of curiosity for the things around them. As you observe their motion, you are likely to see them touching the many things in your home. To avoid them fiddle with dangerous things, you might want to cover wall sockets with electrical outlet covers. Also, keep away cosmetic and medication products that resemble candies. Common choking hazard items such as fridge magnets, plastic bags and even keys are best kept beyond the reach of your little ones.

  3. Corner bumper is your best friend - Changing all your furniture might be a costly solution. At the edges of the furniture, install corner bumpers. This can be applied to the corners of tables, countertops and even cabinet doors. You can also consider using rubber guards to cover the faucets to reduce the pain should your child bump their head against them.

  4. Dedicate a play area - An assigned play area is a common solution for most parents. This includes a large floor area where it is free from furniture. Hence, movable and flexible seating option in the living room is ideal to instantly transform your living room into a playroom.

  5. Choose a child-friendly flooring - While marble floor is absolutely gorgeous to have, they are often too slippery for your child. Imagine the impact on their joints when they fall onto the ground. Tough Resilient Floor (TRF) is an ideal floor solution that has impact resistance and high slip resistance. This reduces slipping incidents. Moreover, TRF has high stain resistance, which can withstand daily essentials items from leaving permanent marks on your floor.

  6. As you embark on your parenthood journey, consider these tips and indulge in fun times with your loved ones.

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