5 Reasons Why Metroflor is the Floor for Your Lovely Nest

5 reasons why metroflor is the floor for your lovely nest   the floors emporium

The floors of our house usually take the most load of damage from our daily activities. Having said that, it is usually the first surface to reflect wear and tear. Therefore, choosing the right flooring to keep pace with our lifestyle demands becomes a worthwhile journey.

There is a sea of options for vinyl flooring in the market. This can be overwhelming given that most sellers tend to claim the superiority of their floors, which can give rise to a dilemma.

By incorporating the demands of our clients, Metroflor, a USA brand vinyl flooring with over 100 years of experience, is ideally a right fit choice for your home and office.

  1. 100% Waterproof solid vinyl floor

    Made with premium virgin vinyl construction, it provides outstanding durability to meet the demand of your lifestyle activities. This provides a superior foot/heel support with each step on the floor. Being allergy-friendly, it will not harbour dust. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly as it is recyclable.

  2. Durable wear layer

    The transparent vinyl wear layer provides significant durability against scuffs, abrasions, and stains, which is to be expected in our daily activities. This translates to time-saving as it simplifies care and maintenance.

  3. Ceramic Bead Overlay

    The added protective guard ensures that Metroflor stands out from conventional vinyl flooring. The revolutionary Ceramic Bead Overlay provides the extra protection of the decorative surface. This ensures years of beautiful and carefree performance.

  4. Easy Maintenance

    We understand your busy schedule. Maintenance is easy: a simple sweep, dust mop or vacuum daily is all you need to sustain the performance of your floors. Unlike wood flooring, Metrofloor is a pre-finished product; thus, there are no waxing or surface treatments required.

  5. Versatility for everyday needs

    Regardless of the place of utility, Metroflor keeps pace with your requirement. Suitable for both residential and light commercial areas, Metroflor is suitable for use in areas such as private offices, reception areas, and restaurant. You can count on Metroflor for frequent high traffic area.

As you begin your home transformation journey, Metroflor might be the right choice for a carefree and safe flooring for your peace of mind.

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