5 Reasons Why evoDECK is the Smart Choice

5 reasons why evodeck is the smart choice   the floors emporium

Gone are the days when natural wood flooring is the popular choice for outdoor decking in Singapore. With a growing demand for eco-friendly products, evoDECK becomes a reliable substitute to traditional wood decking coupled with enhanced performance properties for a long lasting durability.

  1. Polymer guard protective layer 
    With a protective layer encapsulating the plank, it protects the decking from daily environmental stress. Its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions while preserving natural beauty and integrity makes it an ideal choice for installation in multiple areas: balcony, swimming pool decking, planter box and patio.

  2. Well calibrated material content 
    Unlike conventional wood plastic composite (WPC), which contains less than 50% of wood content, evoDECK contains about 60% clean recycled wood fibres. A decking with higher wood content ensures less warm feet feel during warm weather that would otherwise be too hot for usual stepping.

  3. High stain resistant 
    Embedded with high stain resistant technology, it is useful to deter stain against common household items such as oil, coffee and even soya sauce. This ensures that you can enjoy the joy of alfresco living without the hassle of having to alter your lifestyle that is limited by the performance of your deck.

  4. Diverse colour range 
    evoDECK is created to meet the lifestyle aspirations of your life. From natural wood colour such as nautical teak, walnut grove to a cool hue design touch such as ash grey colour, evoDECK is made to satisfy your creative juice.

  5. Enjoy the comfort of low maintenance
    evoDECK is probably the easiest decking to maintain. The multichromatic colours are a part of the polymer guards, thus you do not have to paint, sand or oil again. Furthermore, cleaning is as simple as a simple mopping.
evoDECK provides a quick installation and low maintenance to save you time for family bonding moments. Indulge in the tranquility and restful relaxation corner in your house with evoDECK today.

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