5 Questions to Heighten your Awareness of Vinyl

5 questions to heighten your awareness of vinyl   the floors emporium

With the ongoing hype and preference for vinyl flooring, many of us tend to search online to understand the various characteristics. While many providers claim to own proprietary technology and differentiated benefits of vinyl, there are some quick questions to boost your knowledge on the world of vinyl.

  1. What is vinyl, linoleum and luxury vinyl tile (LVT)?

    Getting confused between these options? Technically, vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride or commonly known as PVC and manufactured in sheets form. They are waterproof and fire-resistant.

    Linoleum, on the other hand, is made from solidified linseed oil that is extracted from flax seeds and combined with tree resins and wood flour.

    Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a class above the common vinyl flooring. They encompass a special set of properties such as variation in designs, patterns, colours and styles. Most LVT tend to have a realistic textural feel or emboss technology to replicate hardwood, stone and ceramic tile. The outcome – a realistic flooring that is hard to believe it's otherwise.

  2. Which type of vinyl floor is right for me?

    You can purchase vinyl flooring in three forms: planks, tiles or sheets.

    Vinyl planks commonly come in strips with a durable top layer and are created with flexible material to ensure the floor is softer and comfortable to walk on. They are cut into pieces that resemble hardwood flooring, thus its realistic nature that mesmerises your guests.

    The tiles form offers one of the most versatile choices in configuration. Install them on a diagonal, checkerboard or mixed and matched pattern to fit your lifestyle.

    Vinyl sheets come in handy when you are going for large pieces with few seams. There can be a classic for a quick makeover that requires an ultra affordable budget.

  3. Are there any variations of wear layers?

    The importance of wear layer cannot be overemphasised. While the market offers variations of claimed quality vinyl flooring, the wear layer is an indispensable quality to differentiate the quality. Typically, vinyl flooring is covered with one of the following three surface coatings for stain resistance property.

    a. No wax vinyl layer: An all time classic choice for areas to meet light traffic and low exposure to dirt.

    b. Urethane: Suitable for areas with relatively high traffic area. It has better quality against scuff marks and scratches from sliding chairs.

    c. Ceramic bead coating: Widely considered as the highest quality of the surface coating. It can hold up to the heaviest traffic and offer an enhanced ability against stain and scratch resistance. You tend to have a longer durability in terms of its original lustre compared to another coating. Tough Resilient Floor (TRF) has a layer of ceramic bead coating to enhance scratch resistance for your dynamic lifestyle needs.

  4. Is professional floor installer a necessity?

    Having watched many DIY videos on the ease of installing vinyl, you might be tempted to embark on a self-learning process. Consider the time, cost and sanity in installing them before making the decision. Professional floor installers are able to install them in a lesser time by following a standard installation guide that is properly as important as the quality of the material.

  5. Is your flooring waterproof or water resistant?

    With many versions of vinyl flooring in the market, there has been confusion between the two terms. A waterproof vinyl floor is one, which does not absorb water and to some extent is hydrophobic. Water resistant flooring, on the other hand, can be damaged by an extended period of water exposure. This can cause water bubbles on the floorboard or cause the floorboards to “pop” up.

    However, vinyl flooring, in general, is not a waterproofer. This means that while vinyl is 100% waterproof flooring in nature, it does not prevent water from sipping to the under the floor when experiencing a long period of ponding issue. It is therefore wise to choose a vinyl floor with a degree of locking strength to ensure high floor performance.

The next time you shop for vinyl flooring, it's time to go through these pointers for an effortless shopping experience.

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