5 Kitchen Transformation Design Ideas

5 kitchen transformation design ideas   the floors emporium

Looking for ways to sizzle your kitchen? These days, the kitchen goes beyond its functional purpose of cooking. It has transformed to become a statement of your lifestyle and living aspiration. While we aspire and dream for a spacious kitchen with large windows, not all of us are blessed with having a large kitchen. Let us discover some ideas to transform the heart of your home.

1. Scale down your accessories

Having a small kitchen might sprain your brain in identifying an ideal solution. An immediate strategy is to avoid creating a kitchen that resembles jack-of-all-trades. Focus on the main chore of preparing a meal. Shop for appliances that perform functions to meet your lifestyle needs. Go easy on the size of a refrigerator and opt for pint-sized microwaves. A single large sink can serve the demand for your cooking and cleaning needs.

2.  Open up space

You would probably notice a growing trend of the open-concept kitchen. The small kitchen looks cramp due to the visual clutter of overhead cabinets that are towering your head in small spaces. As such, an open kitchen concept enlarges the visual space of your cooking area. Consider having shelving, magnetic knife and pot racks to better organise kitchen tools. You might be delighted to show off your cooking accessories with such organiser.

3. Tap into the wonders of white

It is pretty tough to deny that white often makes small kitchen looks larger. Dark colours are useful if the sole purpose is to create a focal point. If that isn’t the goal, having white as the main hue of your interior design ensures everything looks neat and clean. Add a trickle of magic by adopting a variation of white shades and textures to prevent “flatness” look to your kitchen.

4. Pay attention to the floor

Other than the large wall surface that is likely to be covered by cabinets and islands design, the floor is likely to catch the eyeballs of your guests. To meet the multiple demands for a durable, stylish yet functional floor that can withstand the stain of vinegar, ketchup and water drips, consider Tough Resilient Floor (TRF) as an ideal solution. Prevent an overwhelming look by tapping onto light wood grain feel for a soft touch to the surrounding.

5. Add sparkle with the right lighting

Like any areas in your home, you will need some atmospheric lighting to set the mood of the kitchen. Other than having hanging pendant lights that romantically bathe your dining area, indulge in a cosy touch by having an incandescent light that is slightly yellowish to be installed underneath your upper cabinets which shine down on the countertops. Some shadowing effect can be achieved with ceiling incandescent spotlight directed at this cabinetry to suggest the lingering visual movement of dark and bright areas.

Simplicity is often the soul of many design conceptualisation. With these small ideas, you can dish out an appetising corner of your home for your guests and family. 

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