5 Clever Outdoor Decking Design Ideas

5 clever outdoor decking design ideas   the floors emporium

A deck is the bridge between the indoor and the outdoor part of the house. It should be an inviting and comfortable space that one can enjoy during free time. Far from an empty back of the house or a basic rectangle space outside, an outdoor deck can be modified to fit your house and style.

Here are 5 clever design ideas to try:

  1. Petite deck – Many outdoor decking in Singapore are just small spare space outside a flat. Petite decks are usually designed simpler so that it will not look smaller. Try not to put a lot into it. A small table and few chairs for chit-chats above the wooden deck will do.

  2. Layered deck – Decking in Singapore should not be fixed with a single-layered deck. Layers of decking can create a striking addition to the space outside the house. This is unique, creative and definitely looks interesting.

  3. Master bedroom deck – With just enough space, a small wooden deck attached to the master’s bedroom is also a clever outdoor decking design idea. This type of balcony flooring in Singapore is best when partnered with a pair of lounge chairs and a small table to set a drink. This space can be a perfect place to read a book or just relax whenever you are off from work.

  4. Tree-hugging deck – If you have a big, mature tree in your backyard, this one will fit in as your deck. A custom-fit deck around a tree is a smart way to maximize the space. Composite decking in Singapore is perfect for this design. The tree also provides shade to the outdoor deck.

  5. Corner deck – Doing this type of deck is best if there is a corner in the outside of your home that is “missing” from the layout. Filling this exterior space by transforming it into a deck that complements the architecture of your home is also one creative way. You may opt to add a sliding door leading to that deck for a better look.

Adding an outdoor deck to your home is always a good way to make it look fresh and inviting. To help you do the job, The Floors Emporium has variety of outdoor decking materials that are not just durable but also eco-friendly.

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