4 Tips to Beautify Any Room

4 tips to beautify any room   the floors emporium

#1 Well, paint colour choice should be made last! 

While many of us are excited to decide on the paint colour in our initial renovation stage, the best advice to leave the choice till the last brainstorming session.   

In the market, there are thousands of paint colours , comprising vast tints, tones and even shades. Their effect tends to vary with the intensity of light sources. What is good for your current home may turn out to be otherwise for your new home. Since you would want the paint colour to complement your upholstery, rug and furnishing, it is ideal to pick the colour when you have finalised your home stuff.

#2 Give a breather to your room 

Overcrowding a room is never a clever choice. While this seems logical, our excitement often crowds our rational mind and before we know it, our room is clustered with furniture. A wise homeowner will spend the limited budget on fewer but quality pieces.

#3 Create a focal point 

Like a production, which has leading roles and support cast members, the same line of thought follows in home design. Identify the star elements that add zest to your living space. Other items take a secondary role. You will be glad to avoid visual noise with this advice. 

It can be that art piece in your living room, or an iconic headboard in the bedroom with evoWALLS. You may even draw attention to the floor choice with HERF Herringbone for an attention-seeking visual touch.

#4 Layers of light is the magical dust 

A designer is keen to create interest and intrigue in a wide variety of setting. If every place is lit evenly, there’s nothing striking to speak off. Similarly to tip #3, your secondary focal point can be the best supporting role by highlighting them with ambient lighting without stealing the limelight of your focal spot.

There’s no perfect moment to start your home transformation. We hope these principles help you in your planning process!

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