2019 Hottest Flooring Trends

2019 hottest flooring trends   the floors emporium

Starting a new year means starting to look at trends, including one for your home. Keeping your home up-to-date should start from the flooring. While there are a variety of options when it comes to flooring, wood and tile competitors like vinyl flooring is now creating its name in Singapore. We have listed the hottest and exciting flooring ideas for 2019 that we are sure will still be trendy for the coming years.


Wood-Look Style

Wood, without any doubt, will always be in style. This type of flooring is perfect for a warm but rustic home style. But thanks to the advancing technology, we are now in a period of evolution in which the flooring materials are continuously evolving. The laminate floor in Singapore is constantly improving that is why many homeowners are switching to the look and feel of vinyl flooring. This evolution is an extended trend of the faux wood style flooring that became popular in 2016. Manufacturers can now produce a resilient floor that is an almost exact replicate of real wood, making it look like an authentic one.


Distressed Wood Design

The beautiful rustic and luxury aged look will be popular this year and the best way to achieve it is by choosing distressed wood for the flooring. Homeowners can opt for luxury vinyl flooring that has a slightly worn finish. This design is perfect if you want a rustic feel at hand, especially if you have a contemporary home design.


Patterned Wood Layout

The side-by-side layout of flooring materials laid on the floor is so 2018. This year, flooring in Singapore will be more of creativity, especially if you are the type of person who loves to add unique twists to any of your spaces at home. With this, the patterned wood layout should be part of your list as you think about flooring renovation. There are endless patterned designs of vinyl flooring in Singapore that you can choose from. Patterned woods are very 2019 and you should never miss a chance to include it at home. You can do it for your bathroom or kitchen alone (just make sure you choose a waterproof flooring material) or if you are the adventurous type, make your whole house a unique canvass.


Eco-friendly Material

We all want to help our environment even in the simplest way. The good news is that we can incorporate our love for nature with the flooring that we will choose for our home. Beyond the looks, this year is all about choosing the flooring materials that do not harm our environment. Most homeowners pick vinyl flooring as most of them are crafted from recyclable materials and use green technology production.


If 2018 is more of the traditional types of flooring, in 2019, it has been proven that homeowners are into flooring that is not only unique in style but also innovative when it comes to the use of technology. At The Floors Emporium, innovation means having affordable flooring in Singapore with a look and feature of a luxurious one. We are always here to provide you with up-to-date floorings for your home.

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